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          Omni-channel Sales Solutions

          Under the new retail industry trends, we have helped brands reconstructed their operation systems for “people, goods and venues”, namely reconstructing and integrating operators of full customer lifecycle, goods sold through global omni-channels and venues for expanding new sales scenarios.

          One-stop e-commerce third-partner

          One-stop e-commerce third-partner

          We specialize in providing several kinds of cooperative solutions for one-stop proxy operations and authorization of sales agents centered on e-commerce development of brands, including omni-channel solutions for brands, solutions for proxy operations of brand shops, uni-marketing solutions, customer service solutions, logistics solutions and IT solutions for retail, which are six major core businesses.

          OMNI Brand Franchiser

          OMNI Brand Franchiser

          We provide major Chinese sales channels for e-commerce, operation services and sales agents for content-based e-commerce (official websites of brands, Tmall, JD, VIP, Kaola, Xiaohongshu, uxunchina and yitiao) and social e-commerce (e.g. WeChat) according to sales and marketing strategies for brands.

          e-commerce of KA platform

          new e-commerce channel

          new retail e-commerce

          E-commerce One-stop Service Solutions

          We not only provide operation solutions for brands on platforms as agents, but also treat brands as our close partners. We have been introducing advanced ideas about e-commerce and retail operations. We offer correct guidance to brands to improve their perfor,ances based on data-oriented analysis results of business intelligence.

          Sales Strategies and Execution

          Sales Strategies and Execution

          • Sales strategies and plans

          • Commodity and pricing strategies

          • Promotion and activity plans

          • Marketing and promotion plans

          Traffic operations

          Traffic operations

          • Content operations

          • Search traffic

          • Media placement

          • Traffic resources of platforms

          Data-based operations management

          Data-based operations management

          • Report operation data in different dimensions

          • Intensively explore sales clues

          • Find out operation problems with operating models

          • Finalize and reorganize different types of sales data

          Methods & Tools

          • R.SF/

            R.SF based Sales & Promotion Forecasting Models

          • Life Cycle/

            Commodity Lifecycle Management Models

          • BI platform/

            BI-based Retail Analysis System

          • OMS/

            OMNI e-commerce middle management

          • Mazhan/

            automatically efficiency promotion

          • Secretary of manager/

            all time intelligent services

          • VOC/

            client data collection and analyzation

          Uni-marketing Solutions

          We intend to help brand owners to achieve “product synergy” to exactly target brand groups and conclude transactions via omni-channel placement.

          E-commerce platforms,
          exact advertising among groups

          E-commerce platforms,
          exact advertising among groups

          • Trusteeship of through train

          • Trusteeship of diamond booth

          • Trusteeship of brand effects

          • Trusteeship of Jingzhuntong

          • Data banks & DMP-specific groups

          E-commerce resources
          creative integration and content marketing

          E-commerce resources
          creative integration and content marketing

          • IP-based entertainment marketing

          • Theme-based marketing

          • YY Live

          • Production & promotion of graphs and short videos

          • Omni-channel brand advertising via DSP

          User lifecycle management

          User lifecycle management

          • Plant grass for new brand users

          • Harvest potential consumers

          • Old members’ operation management

          • Fan operations

          Methods & Tools

          • KA Service Provider of Eastern China in Alimama

          • CRM management system

          • mcn certification

          • Data banks of brands

          • Alimama DMP

          • Internet celebrities cooperated online through agreements

          Customer Service Solutions

          We have more than 55 exclusive customer service specialists for serving different sales channels and make every effort to create personalized consumer experiences suitable for brands. We create high-quality consumer experiences and achieve high rate of transactions/conversion via data-based management and personalized communications.

          All-female customer team

          Female customer service specialists

          • Create shipping experiences similar to those from shopping guides of franchised counters

          • Communication-oriented guides for commodities

          • Outsource after-sales customers services

          • Handle complaints and crises

          Customer service specialists with a high conversion rate

          Customer service specialists with a high conversion rate

          • Sales team orienting towards purchases and transactions

          • Good sales training

          • Exclusive customer services

          • Collaborative order tracking

          Methods & Tools

          • Knowledge base accumulation system

          • Performance appraisal system for customer service specialists’ performances

          • Standard presales and aftersales procedures

          • Tracking-style service quality inspection

          • Mazhan

            Promote-efficiency assistant of enterprises

          • Secretary of manager

            Intelligent manager of e-commerce clients

          Logistics Solutions

          We cooperate with Cainiao Logistics and recommended logistics companies. At present, we have constructed warehouses in several areas of China and opened up multiple channels. Our shipping efficiency, order processing and warehousing systems are stable. So far, we have performed promotions on 11th November several times, which are the most favorable guarantees for fulfilling orders of brands and improving consumer experiences.

          Methods & Tools

          • SOP for efficient order fulfillment

          • ERP System

          • WMS

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